Thank you parents for everything

Our students of LKG, UKG and Grades 1-10 completed their final English exam of year 2020 today. They will begin a new academic year in September 2020. The points achieved from September 2020 to September 2021 will decide the best students of year 2021. This year against all odds you have worked extra hard. We have seen you improve and that makes us happy. Has this year been easy for anyone? No, but perseverance to achieve the learning objectives and to continue learning has kept our students going. This is why we say the parents of ELC deserve thanks. You have all been very supportive and encouraging. With students as little as 4 years on our online learning platforms we can say that, without you parents, we couldn't have managed this year. From encouraging the students to write to their teachers about their doubts to submitting lessons to meet the daily submission timing requirements, our parents have managed it all. We are truly proud of our students and their parents.

Continue learning! Keep shining!