Meet Haiza-Winner of ELC's Student of Year 2020 Trophy

"My name is Aishath Haiza Hussain. When I grow up, I want to be a Psychologist. I am currently in grade eight. I have been learning at ELC since I was in Nursery. Attending ELC is one of the biggest highlights of my day. I get a chance to make new friends and learn something different every day. All the teachers are exceptionally friendly and tend to lend us students a hand anytime we ask for it. At ELC, we get many opportunities to participate in examinations and show our talents as well as learn from our mistakes. I receive a generous amount of support from all my teachers and get to build my confidence. The teachers implement different approaches to keep us engaged in the learning environment. We are always free to clear our doubts, and share our opinions with the whole class. As a student who has been learning at ELC for a long time, I have had a lot of different experiences as well as achievements. Besides, class presentations and other activities carried out during class time, I have learnt different poems and songs and recited them in front of a camera. My biggest achievements at ELC include getting selected as ‘Student of the month’ seven times in a row, earning a ‘B’ in my O’ level exam in November 2019, scraping a ‘Distinction’ in JETSET level 2, 3, 4 and 5 (2015 – 2018), all 15 shields in Starters (2014) and Flyers (2016), 13 shields in Movers (2015) and being selected as a ‘Star of ELC’ twice. Choosing to learn at ELC is one of the best choices I have ever made." ELC's Student of Year 2020 Trophy is awarded to the student who performs the best in the examinations, competitions and activities during the year. The trophy is awarded on the anniversary of ELC, on the 26th of September every year. The Principal Ms. Ashran Adil's speech on the 19th Anniversary of ELC can be viewed here. The Principal said in her speech "Haiza is an exemplary student with great skills. In addition to her performance in the exams and competitions Haiza is attentive, courteous, punctual, cheerful, well-behaved with the qualities of a professional. She is inquisitive, goal oriented and ambitious, follows instructions and coordinates her work with her teachers to achieve the best results in all her work. Like many other achievers at ELC even though Haiza is just in grade 8, she has done her O’levels in English already, she has achieved great scores in many international examinations. We are very proud of her."

Continue learning! Keep shining!