The 19th Anniversary of ELC-Principal's Message

Today we begin another important chapter in the story of Everyone’s Learning center. A journey which began in 2001 celebrates its 19th Anniversary. It is a great pleasure and an honour to congratulate the founder of ELC, Madam Mariyam Shadiya for her priceless efforts and dedication to make ELC a touchstone for educators. I also include in my greeting, the senior management of ELC, all current and past students of ELC, their parents, families, our teachers, administrative staff and team ELC and thank you all for your contributions to keeping the ELC dream alive and prospering. The ELC dream is to ensure that every student has a successful journey as the child travels through the educational pipeline. Along this line are the hopes of parents, families and a nation. Of course our students are the wonderful source of motivation around which team ELC functions. We strive to ensure that our students pass all their exams and challenges with flying coulours and that the marks reflected on their certificates are highlighted as they go on to study further at colleges and universities worldwide. They are prepared. Their speech is educated and mannered. They face challenges knowing how to succeed. They are guided with love and care and a promise of quality education. To be ready to face the world as wise and intelligent warriors, capable of making their,parents, teachers and the nation proud. Is this too much to ask from the children? Maybe too big a responsibility to ask of kids. However, when guided by the best, with knowledge, experience and care like no other, our kids succeed and exceed our expectations. To understand this one must experience the ELC difference and a difference it is indeed. The lessons at ELC are easy yet highly focused on the objectives mentioned earlier. Over the past 18 years we did not give the children any homework. Today, the world is facing a pandemic and I take this opportunity salute our students and their parents for completing all their lessons at home! The 19th year has been a year like no other for all of us. Hasn’t it? ELC’s reaches out to 100s of students every year. It is with great sadness we note that we have lost many of our students to the difficulties of the pandemic. May the situation ease for all of us and may every educator be able to meet his or her students like we used to in the good times. Today anyone, anywhere in the world can join the programs at ELC. If you wish to do well at any International English Examinations irrespective of your age or past learning experiences the best place to join is Everyone’s Learning Center. Our online platforms will continue even after the current crisis, insha Allah. Students will continue to receive excellent learning opportunities and individual guidance. You just met the winner of ELC’s Student of Year 2020 Trophy. Haiza is an exemplary student with great skills. In addition to her performance in the exams and competitions Haiza is attentive, courteous, punctual, cheerful, well-behaved with the qualities of a professional. She is inquisitive, goal oriented and ambitious, follows instructions and coordinates her work with her teachers to achieve the best results in all her work. Like many other achievers at ELC even though Haiza is just in grade 8, she has done her O’levels in English already, she has achieved great scores in many international examinations. We are very proud of her. To all our students, we are very proud of all of you. Within the past few months we have collected feedback from the parents and students thrice. It gives us immense hope when ELC’s pillars and visions are voiced by the parents. They’ve said to us that ELC offers equal opportunities for every child. Time and again they have noted the professionalism and kindness of the teachers at ELC. To the parents who have highlighted that ELC was one of the very first institutes to offer the online platforms of ELC during the pandemic, we appreciate the efforts of the parents during this time and always. To the parents who expressed that ELC offers a safe environment to their kids, yes that is a priority at ELC.To the many parents who have said their child learns so much at ELC everyday and that the improvements are seen in all aspects of their work, we appreciate your words. Most of all, to the parents who said their kids enjoy learning at ELC that is always our goal. On behalf of everyone at Everyone’s Learning Center, we thank each and every one of you for being with us on this wonderful journey. Stay blessed and happy. Like we say at ELC continue learning, keep shining.

Continue learning! Keep shining!